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first impressions from the Palomar 5 summit


Since the beginning of the Do-Tank idea and my first shout out with the launch of on July 24th, I was really excited about it.

Yesterday I sat on my sofa and I felt this deep urging feeling to jump into my car the next morning to drive to berlin to attempt the very first summit of their work! And what should I say: IT DEFINITELY ROCKED!

The energy of the people there was intense and authentic from the very beginning. Every single one of the residents had this glow of excitement in their eyes. None of them looked exhausted or tired, but that must have been the adrenalin in finally bringing the babies to stage they were working upon for six weeks!

You can sit back and watch the whole summit here at the “live” stream or just click about some of the fotos I made for you. I’ll be blogging about my experiences later on more detailed….promise!

the wall

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the place where the Ideas were managed to get sorted to groups...MS Project by PostIt

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