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It’s been two weeks now since my contribution at the palomar5 summit. I wanted  to write about my personal view earlier but I think it’s not that bad that it took more time. Maturing revolutionary ideas!

The first that comes to my mind when I think about what I experienced at the summit is a quote by George Bernard Shaw, the irish playwright:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

Written in 1903 in “Maxims for Revolutionists” I think this is a perfect expression of the energy that was around that day. To begin with there were some awesome ideas that made this summit much livelier than usual conferences, there were statement bubbles, an badge anyone could wear on his back to express his ideas he wanted to talk about. A nice warmup for small talk. Or the prepared PostIts on the chairs anyone could use to give instant feedback on pinnboards. They even suceed in convincing the managers to take of their ties and it was the first conference like event in germany for me in plain english!

(C) by Carolin Seeliger

Of course the sponsors wanted to know where their money has gone, a considerably huge amount of money by the way. But even when the managers tried to get a forefeeling of maybe the next big thing in web 3.0 it never felt like they could control the creative energy of this team of visionaries.  But the palomar5 team wasn’t ungrateful. There was a real touching moment at the end of the summit when Hans, one of the five members of the P5 core team who did an great job as the presenter of the summit, handed over a photography to Christopher Schläffer, the group product & innovation officer from the Telekom. The photography showed the whole palomer 5 team keeping their ears shut and Hans explained:

“You always tried to insist on your right to say and to influence us but we kept our ears shut. Thank you for tolerating that and letting us do our thing!”

ears (C) by Carolin Seeliger

I saw some interesting presentations and met some very interesting and charismatic people. And a very special contact was organized for me from the twitterverse, Miriam send me a contact proposal via Tweet. She couldn’t be there but wanted me to get to know Daniel, founder of nest an social media agency in Berlin. We met at the coffee bar and had some interesting points to discuss. Long live Twitter! ;)

The projects were really different and depended on the presentation skills of the actual presenter, some very good and some poor. But I could always feel a strong feeling of unison and dedication, whether they simply sat on a stool narrating like Kosta, held a fancy cardboard presentation like Maryanna and Axelle or an real courageous performance like the “I wil tell you exactly what I think of you” performance by Zessy Powers.

One of two projects that specially caught my attention was the EGG poject by Brad, Christopher and Gustavo. Brad presented his idea in a quite unusal way but since his idea isn’t usual at all it was a nice fit. Stepping out of an huge white egg- like object he declared that since he started meditating he discovered the power of a free mind. Well, there are lots of managers turning to Zen Teachers opening their monasteries for martyred 9to5 workers. Ferdinand Piech (Volkswagen CEO) is meditating and there arel many Zen Coaches like Hinnerk Polenski. But it’s a bit complicated to get out in a traditional japanese Zen dojo to medidate. I like Brads idea of  escaping the hurly burly of your cube farm by sitting in a silent EGG, a small room to breathe and to meditate. And it fits, here I talked about Aikido and your own breath- space in the office and Brad wants to produce the EGG 100% upcycable with the cradle to cradle method, I wrote about that here, you’ll find a video from Wiliam McDonough too, a must see!

(C) by Carolin Seeliger

So I talked to him in the kitchen of the Maltzfabrik, discussing ways of coorporation. So I got in contact with Brad and first of all he needs help in getting started. Here’s what he’s looking for. Don’t hesitate to write me if you think you can help:

Hi Jörn!

Thank you for getting back to us so quickly.

I appreciate your enthusiasm to help and lend out your resources.  Collaboration is the most powerful tool human beings have to create change.  As of right now we are looking for a few different things;

1)  Seed investment capital to create the first fleet of prototypes so that we can perfect the model.
2)  More contacts to potential manufacturers who can produce the EGG according to the Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy.
3)  A managerial type who has experience with successfully bringing a product to the market…possibly a partner or partners.
4)  And anything else you can think of at this point…because I’m sure I’m not thinking of all that we need right now……..

And on another note, your blogs about the projects of Palomar5 are greatly appreciated, along with any resources you think any of the projects may need.

We would love your feedback, thoughts, and ideas with regards to the EGG and how the concept can better be improved.  What do you think the corporate world wants?  Do you have any strategy ideas on how to sell it to the marketplace?  And do you know any companies who are looking for a more holistic approach to managing their staff (such as meditation during the work day) who would be interested in hiring me to train them?

Again, my team and I are really grateful for all of the support we are getting at this time.  Any and all feedback and leads to move this project forward faster is greatly appreciated.  Thank you Jorn.

And please, if there is ever anything you need or you think I may be able to do, please do ask….The Giving is meant to go both ways!

Cowabunga Namaste    :-)

Brad Morris
Cowabunga Lifestyles
& The GratiDudes
Skype:  Bradley T Morris

Here’s the freshest information about the project on the p5 site, and a video from Brad, Chris and Gustavo:

The Egg from Palomar5 on Vimeo.

Another project I want to present here is the lovelab project. Maryanna and Axelle came up with this idea and it really struck me. One of their questions was “why can’t we truly love our work?”. Too often we’re stuck in performance of duty and it’s never about what we love to do. It’s about what we have to do. They made a cardboard presentation about the life of George, a cube box worker:

After 5,782 Hours, 36,504 Emails and 1,316 Meetings he got promoted to an 5′ to 10′  cube farm office.

After 36,240 Hours, 217,438 Emails and 8,112 Meetings he got a car, a blackberry and salary increase.

But he only had 127 private dates, 25 holidays and 45 birthday parties till he died.

I don’t know where this project leads to, but I will keep in touch. Because I think it is crucial that we rethink the values of a discipline-bound work environment measured by performance and netfees. It should be about humans not numbers and charts.

(C) by Carolin Seeliger

To end with let me repeat myself, it was a real mind blasting experience and the energy of all these courageous young people was touching in every way. They really managed to remind me of the feeling that it is possible to change the world.  It should remind us all that it is possible and that it’s healthy to be unreasonable too!

palomers (C) by Carolin Seeliger

P.S. A huge hug and big thank you to Carolin. Thanks for letting me use your wonderful pictures for this posting. An Iphone will never get close to an reflexe camera. :) So pls visit Carolines site and get in contact if you like her work!
For more Palomar5 Pics visit FlickR.

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