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the lost thing


What a wonderful piece of art. It’s a triple masterpiece in sound, video and story. Watch the trailer yourself to get a glimpse right now:

Wonderful isn’t it? Shaun Tan the author, director and mastermind behind this project teamed up with a bunch of designers in Melbourne and Edinburgh, it took more than three years to finish the final storyboard, there are 74 different characters in the short film and 22 computer generated sets. This is art at a highly dedicated level!

I really like the mood of the short film, the “forgotten thing” seems to be like an incarnation of lost creative energy in an industrial society, just like ours. The place where the young man finally goes to leave the “lost thing” seems to be utterly bureaucratic and cold at first hand, but it’s finally the door opener to the right place. The message seems to be finding peace while taking the inconvenient path. Like that!

Therefore I will put the link to the iTunes Store, don’t you watch the ripped YouTube Version! 2,99€ is worth the price for the original HD version! Believe me! Thanks Shaun, wonderful work and thanks to my Mum who told me about it!

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